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Spotchem EZ SP-4430

Spotchem EZ SP-4430

Spotchem EZ

Dry chemistry automated analyser.


  • Analysis capacity: 1-9 parameters.
  • 23 parameters available.
  • Measuring method: End-point or ratio (reflectance).
  • Sample in whole blood: 250 µL, serum or plasma: 5 µL/ test.
  • Speed: 63 tests/hour.
  • Filters: 405, 550, 575, 610 and 820 nm.
  • Interface: RS 232.
  • Weight: 5 kg. Dimensions: 338 x 203 x 167 mm (width x depth x height).
  • Single test strips: Glu, uric acid, total chol., TG, BUN, total bil., Ca, total prot., alb., GOT, GPT, GGT, LDH, CPK, Hb, amylase, alkaline phosphatase, Cre, HDL cholesterol, fructosamine, inorg. phosphorous, Mg.
  • 7 Panels:
    • Liver panel (LDH, alb., GPT, GOT, total proteins and total bilirubin).
    • Emergency Panel (LDH, CPK, GOT, GPT, BUN and total bilirubin).
    • Panel I (GPT, GOT, BUN, Glu, total cholesterol and total bilirubin).
    • Panel II (LDH, alb., total proteins, uric ac., Ca and TG).
    • Cardiac panel (LDH, CPK, GOT, total proteins, BUN and total cholesterol).
    • Kidney Panel (Cre, alb., total proteins, uric acid and BUN).
    • Panel V (Cre, GPT, GLU, T-Pro, alkaline phosphatase and BUN).

Manufacturer: Arkray Factory, Inc.